I have found some more interesting information for those of you who have read Part One of this blog post.


In the previous post, I showed that Dr George Hugginson Wilson was facing bankruptcy proceedings issued on the 17th of March, 1876. This advert below was placed in The Liverpool Daily Post the day before, clearly stating that Dr G.H. Wilson was the occupier.

Liverpool Daily Post (18th March 1876)

It still begs the question of how a midwifery doctor, who only got his medical licence a year prior, managed to afford to live in such luxury. The obvious answer is he couldn’t. This man was perfected into the Freemasons at the same time as James Maybrick in 1873. Both had Normanston as their address.


James Maybrick is also linked to Normanston via Butler Gasquoine, a stockbroker who also worked at Knowsley Buildings from around 1870 onwards.

Butler’s son Butler Cleveland died on 31st December 1867 at Normanston.

Liverpool Weekly Courier (4th Jan 1868)
Electoral Register (1870)
Electoral Register (1871)

In 1872 James’s business was based at number 28 Knowlsley buildings. Later in 1876, he was based at 37, next door to Gasquoine.

Electoral Register (1876)

Later we have this newspaper advertisement from 1873 which claims Butler Gasquoine was selling his property called ‘Holmefield’.

Ormskirk Advertiser (23rd Oct 1873)


It’s my belief that Dr George Hugginson Wilson was somehow assisted by James Maybrick to acquire residence at Normanston because of his relationship with Butler Gasquoine. By the census in 1871, Butler Gasquoine was living on Part Street in Southport, close to the station. He moves again to Holmefield before subsequently looking to sell that property in 1873.

In 1871, Scottish merchant John McLaren, with his family, takes on one of the properties in the Normanston estate. I suggest that from 1872 to 1876, Dr George Hugginson Wilson was at least partly sponsored by James Maybrick to take on the other property on the estate. I do not believe James Maybrick ever lived on the premises. However, it cannot be ruled out. Only James’s business address appears on the electoral register between 1873 to 1875.

I believe by this point, Sarah Ann Robertson had already lost a number of children. Having a soon-to-be qualified specialist doctor on-hand in the field of midwifery may have been seen as useful in keeping any further children alive.

Not only that, if the children were illegitimate, which all the evidence indicates they most likely were, he is, in effect, also guaranteeing discretion from a fellow mason and someone he has personally assisted. I do not believe this strategy ultimately worked for James.

By late 1875 / early 1876, his relationship with Sarah Ann may have soured to the point of separation. James is also spending more and more time in America at this stage. This also ties in chronologically when Thomas and Christiana Conconi move from Sheerness in Kent back to London. James simply had no further need for Huggy.

With that, Dr Wilson was unable to continue living and maintaining the lifestyle he had become accustomed to at Normanston through his own means and was forced to declare bankruptcy. The embarrassment was most likely the catalyst for his subsequent move to Spain.

If I successfully track down any of the illegitimate children born in this period in Liverpool, the case for this theory becomes stronger. Even more so if Dr Wilson can be linked to them in any meaningful way.

Why would any of this matter if true? It would endorse my belief that James Maybrick did not care about the destruction and chaos he caused in people’s lives. Often on the surface, appearing to be helpful and supportive, but ultimately manipulative and self-interested. Lives were ultimately commodities to be traded and discarded as and when he saw fit. Perhaps Florence was the one person he may have acquired genuine affection for.

I give my name that all know of me, so history do tell, what love can do to a gentle man born. Yours truly, Jack the Ripper.


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