As I write this blog post, I successfully avoid writing the last few scenes of what I lovingly called my ‘vomit draft’ of Threads. This has been a two-year journey of research, procrastination, and actual writing. It is almost at an end. It won’t be long now before I will put that paper boat onto the water and see what happens. ‘Jack the Ripper’ is not a particular on-trend zeitgeist subject matter, but I hope the story of a man losing touch with reality will resonate on a human level with those who read the story. Tip: The story was never about James Maybrick specifically.

Where does inspiration come from? It is hard to know exactly. I watched a couple of Ted Talks recently. One was a talk from the author of ‘The Girl With The Pearl Earring’ Tracey Chevalier. It gives an excellent insight into how the writer was looking for a story and how it can be inspired by the simplest of things.


Stories are universal. They resonate with us because we feel some kind of connection or empathy with the characters or the struggles they face. We connect. Another great Ted Talk I want to share is by the Swedish trainer David JP Phillips. He does an excellent talk on how humans can be manipulated by igniting chemical reactions. The power of storytelling sells products, but it can also change the world.


Music is my go-to for inspiration. Throughout my life, I have always been obsessed with music. It takes me to places and situations that trigger things in my brain, which no other form of media can do. My mind runs away with scenarios and concepts. Do not be surprised if you see my next book sharing its title with a famous song title. It is almost certainly deliberate.


The best thing I will ever produce in my lifetime is the two human girls I call my daughters. Words do live forever, but they will never be as important to me as my two girls. I hope my stories resonate with enough people so that I can do it full-time. Any grand notions of legacy I may nurture will be invested in them, not the words I write.

That being said, please do still buy my books – it is most appreciated 😀

PS. The Girl with the Pearl Earring reminds me of the rather talented and beautiful Lykke Li.


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