The first draft of Jack the Ripper: Threads’ is now ready to email out to my beta reader list for feedback. My wife always gets the first version before anyone else, and I am glad to say she enjoyed the story. Perhaps I have a shot at doing this writing thing full-time? I will be paying a professional editor to give me the final feedback. When the book is finally released on Kindle and Paperback in December, it will have been polished appropriately.

So, I am already quite deep in the development of my next book. The story is one I have been cultivating for many years as an initial germ of an idea. It is now starting to form its universe and reality. The characters are beginning to speak to me. That might sound strange to some reading this, but for me, that is what happens. Not unlike a medium, voices start to talk, not to me, but with each other. Scenes and scenarios begin to form. I am ready to put this story down.

‘Voodoo Ray’ by A Guy Called Gerald (1988)


1988 was the second summer of love in the UK. The world was changing. Drugs and music shaped the youth into idealogy and ‘luvved up’ vibes that had not been seen since the original summer of love. Those who supplied the drugs also provided the love. However, it was not all flower power and hippy ideals. This story follows 20-year-old Jimmy Walsh’s sudden escape to Dublin after biting off more than he could chew in London. That’s all I will say for now.

If you’re interested in the late 80s acid house scene, the rise of ecstasy, and gangland crime, then you’ll enjoy ‘The Londoner’. There will be an initial trilogy of books and, depending on interest, could expand beyond that.

I design my own book covers and below is my first draft of the cover.

First draft of cover

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