‘The Londoner: Origins’


In the 1980s, when a young, uneducated boxer from London sees his dreams crumble before his eyes, he must find a new path to survive. That path leads him down a dangerous road into the gritty world of drug dealing.

Jay Hartley’s gripping Dublin gangland series, ‘The Londoner’, follows the journey of Jimmy Walsh, a young man who must navigate the cut-throat world of organised crime to stay alive.

But before diving into the main series, read the exclusive prequel, ‘The Londoner: Origins’, available only to Jay Hartley’s mailing list subscribers. Follow Jimmy’s early days in London and learn how he became the man he becomes in ‘The Londoner: Part One’ (2024).

This novella is a must-read for any fans of crime fiction and is not available anywhere else. Sign up for Jay Hartley’s mailing list below to receive a free ePub or PDF file of ‘The Londoner: Origins’ and join the ranks of avid readers eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the series.


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