‘The Londoner: Part One’ (2024)

‘The Londoner: PART One’ (2024)

In 1988, Jimmy Walsh’s life was turned upside down. His burgeoning ecstasy business in London was just taking off when tragedy struck, forcing him to flee the only city he had ever known and return to his native Ireland. But as luck would have it, Jimmy is no ordinary run-of-the-mill drug dealer. He’s the nephew of a notorious gangland kingpin in Dublin, and as soon as he sets foot in Ireland, he’s thrust into the seedy underworld of organised crime.

With the weight of his uncle’s expectations on his shoulders, Jimmy must navigate this new world of danger, corruption, and betrayal. Will he be able to climb the ranks of his uncle’s empire and make a name for himself? Or will his volatile temper and reckless decisions lead him down a path of destruction? One thing is certain: Jimmy is determined to regain control of his life and criminal career, no matter the cost.

Follow Jimmy’s thrilling journey as he struggles to find his place in this dangerous world and battles to come out on top. Full of twists and turns, this gritty crime drama will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.




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    Boxing out the East End

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