A little hobby of mine, which is known on the Casebook.org forum, is an interest in re-coluoring old Black & White photos from that era. Some are from Whitechapel itself in 1888, but many are from London generally, and some are a little later.

I have always had an amateur interest in Photoshop, but my interest in the area was piqued when the Artificial Intelligence tool ‘DeOldify’ was made available for public use. The tool estimates the general colours and is constantly improving in recognising colours using neural networks. I have found that the better the resolution of the source photograph, the cleaner and more accurate the tool is. Ideally, you would want the original prints to work from, but whatever I could grab online from various sources, is the best I could muster.

Please note, I do not own the copyright to these original images and they must not be used for any commercial purposes without the original copyright holder’s consent. My efforts are for educational purposes only.

I have included a number of my favourites I have done so far below. I hope you enjoy them.

‘Old Houses’, Aldgate (1883)
Mitre Square (circa 1888)
Osborn Street (circa 1888)
Artillery Lane (circa 1888)
Chrisp Street (circa 1888)
Petticoat Lane (Oct 1888)
Typical Cart Man (circa 1888)
Barefoot Boys (1888)
Tower Bridge mid-construction (1888)
Exhausted Matchbox Maker & Child (circa 1890)
Cat Meat Cart Man Outside Poor Home (circa 1890)
‘Ye Old Dick’ Pub, Middle Street (circa 1900)
‘Youths’, Mile End Road (circa 1900)
‘Cheap Funerals’ (circa 1900)
London Bridge (1905)
‘People of the Abyss’, Whitechapel (1905)

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